Kids are the best humans!

I provide comprehensive and personalized medicine that addresses not only symptoms your child may be experiencing, but also focus on the prevention of future health conditions. We will work as a team to find the root cause of ailments and works towards health education as a lifestyle and mindset.

We offer wellness exams with individualized nutritional recommendations for each stage of a development.  Wellness visits are also a great time to check in and create a plan for your child’s developmental progress and health problems or behavioral concerns.

I believe information is power and I can help you and your family navigate decisions about vaccinations. Whether or not you want to follow the CDC vaccination recommendations, forgo vaccines all together, or come up with an alternative vaccine schedule, we will support you and make recommendations based on your child’s risk factors and optimal timing of vaccination administration.

We are happy to be your child’s primary care provider or we can coordinate with your existing healthcare team. We emphasize collaboration and can help you integrate natural therapies with conventional medical treatments.

Services I provide:

  • Well Child Exams and Primary Care
  • Prevention and Treatment of Common Childhood Illnesses
  • Food Allergies and Food Introduction
  • Nutrition for Infants & Children
  • Vaccination Counseling
  • Physical Exams including Sports Physicals
  • Mood and Behavior Issues
  • Sleep Issues
  • Digestive Concerns
  • Recurrent Infections
  • Dermatological Conditions